a)       The aim of the “Nani Maria” is to impart a sound education by cultivating in the student’s habit          of pity, virtue and discipline while they go through the studies.

b)       Quality education to bring out especially in the remote Tribal Areas.

c)       To help the needy and serving students with the text books, uniforms, fees and etc.

d)      To impart vocational training to the women of the society for self-reliance.

e)       To reach out the poor and less privileged in their own surroundings, with a view to assist them to plan the implement developmental programmers.

f)        To actively promote communal, peace and harmony.

g)       Development of girl’s education by generating funds from public and government assistances.

h)      To organize health, camps and treatment camps from time to time.

i)        To preserve the precious, healthy culture, traditional and beliefs of the tribal of Arunachal Pradesh while creating awareness against the wrong habits and blind beliefs prevailing in the society.

j)         To the attainment of children, abandoned, deserted, orphaned, destitute etc and requires adoption.